Tulsa Professional Doula and Placenta Services

Ever since meeting Sarah, she has shown care, compassion, knowledge and skill. I requested a contract for encapsulating my placenta from my twin pregnancy. When I had my boys, she was at the hospital to pick it up very soon after delivery. I what I received back from her has meant the world to me for the last 10 months. Yes, I am STILL receiving her care, compassion, knowledge and skills that she is working on. Not only will I continue to recommend encapsulating but Sarah as well!- Janis Tucker

I had such a great experience with Sarah and the entire encapsulation process. I had A LOT of questions about the process and Sarah was so patient and helpful..even answered some general mom questions for me. She came to the hospital and dealt with the staff for pick up and returned the pills within 24 hours to me. She made everything very easy especially during a time that you’re stressed and tired! I will be using her for any future children we have and promise she will not disappoint! As far as the pills go.. I personally did not experience any PP blues and noticed a difference in energy level after taking some. – Brianna Harper

I used Sarah for placenta encapsulation and print and couldn’t be more pleased! She was very responsive to emails/texts and easy to work with! She came almost immediately to pick up my placenta when I notified her of the birth, kept me updated through the whole process (pictures and all) and delivered my product as soon as she was finished! Very professional! I would highly recommend her!-  Ashleigh Stafford Gabriel 

I had a fantastic experience with Sarah Rabe! She explained everything in depth before the big event, then on delivery day, she came to the hospital, took care of everything and had the capsules to me within 24 hours even though she was having some personal issues at the time. I was SUPER impressed with the way she handled herself professionally. My favorite part is that she sent pictures of her process the entire way through. Those are pictures I’ll cherish forever. And the capsules helped me so much! I had ZERO baby blues or depression. I feel like I healed so much faster than with my first, and delivery experiences were exactly the same. The capsules were the only difference. I cannot say enough good about not only my experience with Sarah, but the capsules themselves. I am very happy I encapsulated!- Trista Hoose

I had the best experience with Sarah. I had so many questions about placental encapsulation and she was always so quick to respond to any question, no matter how silly. She really helped me so much in the days leading up to, delivery, and postpartum during my triplet pregnancy. I highly recommend her!- Amber Lucas